Welcome to Kansaibenkyou.net!

This website has been made to ease your frustration with Kansai-ben--the dialect of Japanese spoken in Kansai, the south-central region of Japan's main island Honshu.

Whether you are living in, working in, visiting, or just thinking about Kansai, Kansaibenkyou.net is a site for Japanese learners and teachers who want to learn about the Japanese dialect spoken in the Kansai region of Japan. Here you will find materials on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, expressions, example conversations, audio examples, and real conversations by Kansai natives. While some things may be a little hard to understand in the beginning, hopefully you will come to feel and understand Kansai-ben as the language of daily life in a major part of Japan.

While there are materials here for different levels of students and educators, an emphasis is placed on students of Japanese who are going to live or work in Kansai. This site assumes that the user has at least a fairly functional knowledge of standard Japanese (hyoujungo)--specifically for those who are at least intermediate (about two years of college-level study).

With all of that, the best place to probably start is the introduction page--we hope you have fun Kansai-benkyouing!