When comparing Kansai-ben and standard Japanese, in addition to the different intonations and vocabulary, the grammar can also be quite different. Without knowledge of the grammar, you may not be able to understand the meaning of a sentence even though the individual words are understood. On the other hand, even if some of the words don't make sense, you may be able to guess the broad meaning of the sentence if you can understand the grammar.

This section contains direct access to the grammar points on this site, covering the Kansai-ben grammar that's frequently used in everyday conversation. In addition, you will find links back to grammar pages from many different places on the site, such as the conversation examples and vocabulary pages.

Grammar point list
A complete list of the grammar points covered and links to their individual pages. Every grammar point page contains an explanation, a comparison with standard Japanese, formation rules (i.e., how to create the form from words and conjugations), and example sentences, as well as occasional commentary. Additional components, grammar element and common use tags, are there help you search for related grammar by grammatical structure (e.g., Vてもええ) or purpose.
Common use list
A complete list of tagged uses for grammar (as mentioned above), which link to the pages that have those tags. These tags enable the user to search out grammar that has a particular common functional use or purpose (e.g., permission, gratitude, making a potential form?) in various places on the site.