Particles “へ” and “に”

In most Japanese textbooks, the destination particle (i.e., 学校行く) can be either に or へ. However, in Kansai, most people just use へ. Similarly, while In standard Japanese the objective particle (i.e., 買い物行く) has to be に, へ can also be used in Kansai-ben. However, for the location partical (i.e., いすの下), only に can used both in standard Japanese and Kansai-ben.

Common uses: 

Grammar elements: 


Destination particle へ
Standard 3時ごろ、学校行くよ。
Kansai-ben 3時ごろ、学校行くわ。
English I'm going to school around 3 o'clock.
Objective particle へ
Standard 買い物行ってきたんだ。
Kansai-ben 買いもん行ってきてん。
English I went shopping.
Location particle に
Standard いすの下ねこがいる。
Kansai-ben いすの下ねこがおる。
English There's a cat under the chair.