Particle “わ”

The final particle わ in Kansai-ben is basically like the よ final particle in standard Japanese.

Common uses: 

Grammar elements: 

Kansai vs. Standard: 

Standard ___よ
Kansai-ben ___わ


Standard これ、もういらないからあげる
Kansai-ben これ、もういらんからあげる
English I don't need this anymore, so you can have it.


The Standard Japanese わ vs. the Kansai-ben わ

While the Kansai-ben わ has the same form as the standard Japanese わ, unlike in standard Japanese, it is used by both men and women. In addition, the Kansai-ben わ is pronounced with falling intonation.

Standard この魚すごく安い。↑


Kansai-ben この魚めっちゃ安い。↓


English This fish is really cheap.

The わい of adding emphasis

Adding い after the final わ (making わい) can further emphasize the meaning.

Standard もう何回も聞いた
Kansai-ben もう何べんも聞いたわい
English I already heard you.