Particle “な”

The standard Japanese final particle ね can become な in Kansai-ben.

Common uses: 

Grammar elements: 

Kansai vs. Standard: 

Standard ___ね
Kansai-ben ___な


Demanding agreement
Standard いい天気だ
Kansai-ben ええ天気や
English The weather is nice, isn't it?
Request confirmation
Standard 明日、車貸して
Kansai-ben 明日、車貸して
English Tomorrow, you're going to let me use the car, right?


Strong requests using Vてぇな

Extending the final え sound of the て-form of the verb makes the request stronger.

Vてえな (strong request)
Standard 明日、車貸してよね(ー)。
Kansai-ben 明日、車貸してぇな(あ)。
English Would you please let me use your car tomorrow?