Particles “か”and “け” feeling

In Kansai-ben, when the question particles か and け are added to the end of a sentence, whereas they are often dropped in casual speech in
standard Japanese. It should be additionally noted that they are pronounced with a rising intonation.

Common uses: 

Grammar elements: 

Kansai vs. Standard: 

Standard ___?(↑)
Kansai-ben ___?(↑)

*The question particle け is most commonly used some parts of Kawachi (an eastern part of Osaka) and Wakayama.


Standard ケーキ、あと一つあるんだけど、食べない
Kansai-ben ケーキ、あと一つあんねんけど、食べへん
English There is only one piece of cake left, would you like it?


Reminding with かい

かい can be used as a questioning reminder.

Kansai-ben もう宿題したんかい。
English Did you already finish your homework?

The further addition of a な, giving かいな can add an additional feeling of surprise, confusion, anger, or others. See the かいな page for more details.