Vてもらう in Kansai-ben is the same as standard Japanese, but the past tense from the dictionary form? is different. The standard Japanese Vてもらった becomes Vてもろた or Vてもうた in Kansai-ben. もろた is the base for in Kansai-ben, but may become もうた in use.

Please be aware that there is another, completely separate, Vてもうた that expresses repentance and regret.

Common uses: 

Grammar elements: 

Kansai vs. Standard: 

Standard Vてもらった
Kansai-ben Vてもろた

Formation from standard: 

replace らっ in the standard Vてもらった by ろ or う.

Standard Vて もらっ
Kansai-ben Vて も
Vて も


Standard これ、彼に買ってもらった服なんだ。
Kansai-ben これ、彼に買うてもろた服やねん。
English My boyfriend bought these clothes for me.