Vowel Extension

In words that consist of only one mora?, the vowels at the end tend to extend and become two mora. For example:

Word Standard Kansai-ben



stomach いぃ
picture えぇ
mosquito かぁ
mind きぃ
tree きぃ
hair けぇ
four しぃ
letter じぃ
height せぇ
blood ちぃ
hand てぇ
door とぉ
two にぃ
teeth はぁ
sun ひぃ
eye めぇ

Also, for verbs where the stem? consists of one mora, the end vowel sometimes extends depending on the conjugation.

Word Imperative-form Negative form
寝る to sleep ねぇ ねぇへん
見る to watch みぃ みぃひん
来る to come きぃ きぃひん
する to do しぃ しぃひん